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Explore One of a Kind PPC Ad Words Services Only At Studio45

What do you think is important for having a successful website? Many people think that SEO is the key but the story does not end here as along with SEO website even needs a right balance of SMO, Ad-Words and PPC too. Hence, when you are dealing with us then you can enjoy 360 degrees approach and cherish how amazing a perfectly optimized site can be. We are here to guide you with our services anytime you want through this portal so that you can have your SEO professional in just a go.

But what exactly are the terms ad-words and PPC and how helpful are they for your website, read on to find out!

An Overview of Ad words

Ad words are nothing but an online marketing strategy that helps your site to grow and earn its own value in the online world. Now, when a user types a particular phase or keyword in the search engine then this is stated as a query. The search engine then displays results that are relevant to this query but in addition to this there are a few search engines who offer two types of results. Here, the first result is paid listing and the other is organic listing. The same concept is even driven by Google which keeps separate listing for ads and these are better known as a Sponsored Listing. Hence, when you are using our Ad words’ services, then you can take optimal advantage of the sponsored listing and obtain the exposure that you need for your website.

Advertising Online PPC

Most of the ad-words that you are going to find on search engines operate with the help of PPC paid per click model, which means that you as the user will only pay when a potential visitor clicks on your ads. So, when you use our Google Ad words services then you grab the opportunity to attract audience from across the globe that are actively looking for information, products, services and other tools that are associated with your website.  This improves the presence of your website and even allows you to bring your services to the customers who need them the most.


Studio45 Ad words Campaign Offers

  • Account Management: Managing a professional ad-word setup account is definitely considered to be a difficult task. There are millions of users out there who fail to get the right value out of their ad-words and PPC only because they are unable to manage their accounts in a discrete manner. But, this problem is solved only at Studio45 which easily manages your search engine accounts and ensures to increase the advertising return of your account. This helps you save a lot of time which you can use to focus on the development of your business.
  • Keyword Mining and Copywriting: Search phases or keywords are the essence of any ad-word campaign. There are two things that are considered by our company before providing you an extensive list of keywords and they are; first finding those terms that are relevant to your business and then relating them with the terms that are tending the world of SEO. This can improve your business and give it the start that it has been waiting for.
  • Shopping and Price Comparisons at Search Engines: Don’t you think that coming up with affordable rates is a great idea to boost up your business? Well, it does sound fascinating but the idea will be of no use if potential customers are not aware about it. Therefore, through ad-words and Pay-Per-Click campaigns your website gets the opportunity to share its unbelievable prices with the potential customers who are looking for products that are available at your website.
  • Reports and Tracking: We understand the value of detailed reports hence constantly monitor every click so that you can receive an accurate result. This helps in achieving an accountable and clear Ad-words campaign.

Why Choose Us?

Studio45 brings extraordinary services to you that you will seldom find at any other company. Our professionals are more than happy to guide you with the services that you need. We understand your requirements, listen to your ideas, structure a sure short plan and then make our move so that you have 100% successful website which is better than your competitors.

  • We first analyse your business and associated markets
  • Research and use the best keywords which are specifically for customers
  • We take a perfect call per action setup and endeavour high quality services on time
  • Conversion and Goal Setup
  • Continuous bid and budget management
  • Generating maximum ROI for the website
  • Easy to use services with nominal set-up fees
  • Land page development and optimization
  • Keyword Refinement
  • Work Reports
  • ROI calculations verified frequently and updated to customers
  • AD Scheduling Setup
  • Setup Time Frame
  • Google Analytics
  • Geo Location Setup
  • Creative Development of Ad-words
  • Selection and Research of Keywords
  • Ad-words Campaign Reports



  • Monthly Fee
  • One Time Set up Fee
  • Minimum Duration
  • Keywords in campaign
  • Google PPC Network
  • Google Remarketing
  • Campaign Development & Strategy
  • Advanced K/w research-selection
  • Industry analysis
  • Ad copy performance testing
  • Ongoing K/w Dev. and Tweaking
  • Dynamic keyword insertion into ads
  • GA Integration/Goal Tracking
  • Results analysis/reporting
  • PPC A/c Settings Monitoring
  • 2 Personal Consultations/Month
  • Setup-Management of Rule Bidding
  • International PPC Campaign Mang
  • Ecommerce PPC ROI reporting
  • Landing Page design & selection
  • Website Conversion Analysis Report
  • Banner ad design for remarketing
  • Landing page performance testing
  • Multivariant Testing E-Comm Store
  • Monthly Analysis Report
  • Note : Monthly Minimum Fee – $150

Upto $2000

Per Month


  • 20%* Budget
  • $300
  • 3 Months
  • Up to 100

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Per Month


  • 15%* Budget
  • $300
  • 3 Months
  • Up to 200
  • Add $1,000

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$5000 Above

Per Month


  • 12%* Budget
  • $300
  • 3 Months
  • Up to 500
  • 1 set included
  • By Quote
  • By Quote

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511, Balaji Heights,

Samartheshwar Mahadev rd, Ellisbridge,

Ahmedabad, Gujarat.