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Creative Mobile Friendly Websites Development

Mobile friendly websites are crucial for your business. In an age where smartphones are so popular and high speed internet connections are available in almost every region, we are fast approaching a point where people access internet more from their phones than they do from their desktops. To have a website that does not load properly on mobile devices is potentially a huge loss of revenue for your business. Just tell Studio 45 your needs and our experts will ensure that your official website is mobile-ready in a very short time!

Get a little creative with the mobile version of your website

Mobile websites need not resemble their desktop counterparts. In fact, most experts recommend that the mobile website be as minimal and clean as possible. At the same time, the mobile website needs to retain the look and feel of your desktop device so that people do not get confused whether they have landed on the wrong website. This is a problem that we can help you with. Our mobile website developers are highly skilled at creating mobile versions of websites that maintain design unity, while still making the small screen versions unique in their own way.

Offer your mobile visitors a website that is easy to use

With smartphones, screen real estate is invaluable! There is only limited space available for you to show them what your website is all about. The presentation needs to be impeccable as well, since the content and graphics on the website need to be presented properly and without making them look cramped.

An experienced mobile website development service provider like us can help you navigate all these hurdles. Here at Studio 45, we have worked on dozens of mobile websites and know exactly how to make your website user friendly and beautiful at the same time!

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