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Latest Trends in SEO 2015

Search engine optimization is necessary for every single website out there. In the absence of organic traffic, no online business can thrive at all! Each new year comes with certain changes that SEO experts around the globe quickly adopt. While backlinks ruled the SEO market a year ago, 2015 is a whole new beast.

Find out what the some of the most common practices you should be adopting this year.

  1. Conversational key phrases

Keywords won’t cut it anymore. With Google giving so much emphasis to natural language, your website should be rich in relevant phrases which a lot of people are looking for.

  1. Update your incoming link policies

Quality always trumps quantity, but 2015 will make the reputation of incoming links even more important. Do not allow poor quality links to accumulate. Disavow them right away and add them in the blocked list on your website’s robot.txt file to avoid facing any kind of negative effects.

  1. Brand mentions are also a factor now

Ever came across articles which talked about your company, but did not link to them? This should no longer frustrate you. These instances of your brand name being used without linking will now be considered brand mention, and carry their own advantages.

  1. Focus will shift towards quality

SEO is expected to become heavily on-site before 2015 is over. All the efforts will be made to ensure that your website is as efficient and bug-free as possible. As for actual ranking and organic traffic, content marketing is expected to take over that department.

  1. Social media becomes even more important

Social media will continue to drive even more traffic in 2015. Having an active social presence will also improve your brand’s visibility. Act on this trend today, as it also ties in with the brand mention factor discussed already!

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